Asbestos Removal

Providing Asbestos Removal, Demolition and Product Replacement Service throughout Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria. SERS offers asbestos monitoring services conducted by suitably qualified, experienced, licensed Asbestos Assessors with all analysis performed within our own laboratory facilities which are NATA accredited for respirable fibre monitoring and asbestos identification A consultant from our company will visit the site for air monitoring tests and ensure the sampling is conducted with all mitigating factors and health considerations taken into account to ensure sampling accuracy.

The strength of asbestos, combined with its resistance to heat, allowed it to become the material of choice in a variety of products, including, but not limited to, roofing shingles, floor tiles, ceiling materials, cement compounds, textile products, and automotive parts Asbestos is now strictly regulated as exposure to this toxic mineral can now be directly and scientifically linked to a number of lung and respiratory health conditions.

I had also previously spoken to the guy now running the bernie asbestos foundation trying to access what exposure my wife and friend may have gotten and after you guys had been I called him back and he asked what work you guys had done and you made him a happy man as he said based on what I told him you did a very good job, he has come across many outfits not so professional so to speak.

Since December 2003, the manufacture, use, reuse, import, transport, storage or sale of all forms of asbestos has been banned in Australia. If products containing asbestos are disturbed, tiny asbestos fibers are released into the air. There has been a dramatic decrease in importing and using asbestos in the United States since the mid-1970s, and alternative insulating materials have been developed. Almost everyone today is unprotected from asbestos but the degree of exposure differs from person to person. Asbestos Be Gone can help with detecting possible asbestos and guiding you through the process of eliminating the threat.

If you have a complaint regarding the removal of asbestos by a licensed removalist or asbestos in the workplace you should contact WorkSafe on 1800 136 089 or visit the WorkSafe website. Stage IV with extensive lymph node involvement or cancer that has spread to other organs, hen treated with chemotherapy and palliative care to reduce symptoms and increase comfort has a one-year survival rate. There were many kinds of products manufactured during this time using asbestos fibers, including concrete, textiles and insulation.

Because it is flexible, chrysotile is less likely to cause cancer if absorbed in small quantities. To make a complaint or report an incident involving asbestos to the relevant authority, please call 13 QGOV (13 74 68). Generally, one component of your asbestos claim will be past and future medical expenses connected with your asbestos-related disease. Never use tools on asbestos materials as they will make asbestos fibres airborne including: Power tools such as electric drills, angle grinders, circular saws and electric sanders.

When individuals develop Mesothelioma as a result of asbestos exposure, these people often want to pursue legal recourse as they feel that they are entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering. This is the only reason that patients who had been exposed to asbestos should start treatment as soon as possible and should contact a doctor immediately for a full review. You will also want to know what some of the more common symptoms of this type of cancer.asbestos
Testing for Asbestos

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